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Trilo SG200 Vacuum Sweeper

Small but bold

The TRILO SG200 has been developed to meet demand for a compact vacuum sweeper, suitable for coupling to smaller tractors. Both the length and height of the towing hook can be adjusted. Its suction force is remarkable, its dimensions modest. This allows the machine to be used in a variety of locations in which other machines may find it difficult.

Locations in which the SG200 is suitable include riding schools and race-tracks, where the machine can be used for the removal or horse faeces. Depending on the circumstances, you are able to choose between using the suction hood or wander hose.

A tamed tornado

The centrifugal pump delivers impressive performance. It is indirectly driven by a dual fan belt transmission which guarantees smooth operation. The fan housing is fitted with an inspection hatch on the base which makes it possible to check the pump for dirt or damage.

The tailboard hinges upwards when the 2.0 cubic meter capacity loading platform is emptied. This is performed hydraulically. This offers the benefit of a greater passage for rapid unloading and a reduced risk of damage.

OptionsGully Brush

Technical Specifications

Centrifugal pumpTrilo 600 mm 4 blades
DrivePTO, 540 rev/min dual fan belts
PTO outputfrom 25 HP
Loading capacity2 m3
Length3.60 m
Width1,30 m
Suction hose5+1 m x 200 mm
Suction hood1,30 m
Unloaded weight875 kg
Tyressofttrac 18x9.50x8
Hydraulic system180 bar - 40 litre/min
  • Trilo SG 200 Vacuum Sweeper
  • Trilo SG 200 Vacuum Sweeper
  • Trilo SG 200 Vacuum Sweeper
  • Trilo SG 200 Vacuum Sweeper
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