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Trilo SU40 Vacuum Unit

The small Trilo vacuum units have been developed to allow rapid vacuuming of leaves, litter, grass, wood chippings etc.

The machine is installed onto a quick transport undercarriage with rotating nose wheel. Couple it, take it with you and start working.

The balanced fan and dual-walled pump housing provide for a resistant, reliable and most importantly, safe power source. Drive is provided by a quiet fan belt transmission which is connected to a Honda petrol engine.

The adjustable exhaust spout can be set to any desired angle so that material located in even the most inaccessible places can be extracted into the vehicle's container.

The unit can also be provided as a truck loader which can be secured to the rear of a loading platform.

OptionsA PTO version of this machine is available.

Technical Specifications

Centrifugal pumpTrilo 400 mm / 4 blades
Drive11HP Honda engine
Start-upStarting cord
Length2,10 m
Width1,30 m
Height1,90 m
Suction hose4m x 200 mm
Weight (Unit)140 kg
With undercarriage275 kg
Wheel axle80 km/h
  • Trilo SU40B Vacuum Unit
  • Trilo SU40 Vacuum Unit
  • Trilo SU40 Vacuum Unit
  • Trilo SU40 Vacuum Unit
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